MeacoDry 12L Arete One Dehumidifier White – FREE 5 Year Warranty – ARETEONE12L


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  •  FREE 5 Year Warranty
  •  Optimised for your life and the British weather!
  •  More water collection, less energy used, less noise made
  •  One touch controls – dry laundry at the touch of a button
  •  Optional H13 HEPA filter ( Pack of 3 )

MeacoDry 12L Arete® One Dehumidifier White – FREE 5 Year Warranty – ARETEONE12L

The brand new Arete range of compressor dehumidifiers are the latest innovation in the line of ultra-quiet dehumidifies from Meaco.

The cutting-edge compressor technology in the Meaco Arete range provides the most energy efficient range of Meaco products yet in a sleek package that runs as quiet as 35dB and is the most energy efficient dehumidifier to date.

If you want to control the humidity in your home without distraction then the Arete range is the market leader for exceptional humidity extraction at a super quiet operating volume.

Dehumidifier users most often leave their dehumidifier near bedrooms and in operation for the majority of the time. As such, quiet operation was essential. The Arete range runs twice as quiet as any other comparable compressor dehumidifier on the market.

Ideal for combating mould, damp and condensation in flats, apartments, single rooms and small homes. The unit is a 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier which is cost saving and even more effective for creaing purified fresh air.

The intuitive control panel makes operation simple for everyone allowing you to get the results you want with no confusion. The large 2.5L tank means you will need to empty the unit less often than with comparable units for added peace of mind.

Unlike many competing compressor dehumidifiers, the Arete range comes with an included HEPA filter that can catch allergens and pollutants in the air to remove them effectively. The filter is simple to install and replace and additional filters can be purchased separately.

Set a target humidity for complete control over your home air quality and even enable the smart laundry mode to ramp up the unit to dry your clothes quicker. When in laundry mode, if the unit reduces relative humidity below the set target, it will go into Fan Only mode that will continue to dry your laundry but is an amazing feature to help you dry your laundry quicker and easier whilst saving you money.

MeacoDry 12L Manual